Arts & Crafts World Makers

Arts & Crafts Primary

Arts & Crafts Arts and Crafts World Makers is the new project that will help students develop their creativity and recognise their emotions through art and active learning. This new material is adapted to the LOMLOE legislation, enabling focus on basic knowledge areas throughout the units: multilingual competence, digital competence, cultural competence, working on SDG projects, etc. It encourages children to learn autonomously but also in groups with their classmates. It also works on the following language skills: - Reading - Listening - Speaking - Writing

Student material Look and discuss: introduces the subject with questions. An emphasis is placed on a variety of multicultural subjects. There is a presentation of content and the materials needed and the ‘Find out’ section invites the children to investigate the subject in question. Worksheets set out a creative task on the front and an explanation of the content, an activity and a reflection on the back. Cooperative and collaborative work represented by icons. Arts & Emotions At the end of each term, there is a presentation of a ‘Challenge’, which will focus on one of the SDGs. Constructions and an individual self-assessment entitled ‘Check your progress’ are offered at the end of each book. Each book contains three terms: The subject of emotions, which plays an important role throughout the course, is approached through icons that can be easily recognised by the children. Digital material

Teacher’s material Teacher’s handbook includes: - Suggestions - Interdisciplinary content - Language aids - Vocabulary - PDA - LibroMedia - Audios Digital material The LibroMedia includes audios to be able to work on language skills in the classroom.

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