Interactive Notebooks Primary


For those who are looking to: • Introduce Science content in an enjoyable way • Learn how to organise information and apply what has been learnt. • Adapt to all student profiles • Learn Science and English • Supplement other methods • Learn by doing, both in groups and individually • Reinforce and delve deeper into content in a different and fun way. • A paper-based supplement for students who use digital books and tools. Interactive Notebooks The new series of CLIL notebooks, conceived and designed to work on Natural Science and Social Science content by topics. Designed for children to build their own learning through manipulative tasks, cut-outs, construction, multimedia resources, etc. With a highly practical and functional approach, based on “maker” learning, “learning by doing”. The students will be building up BASIC KNOWLEDGE related to each subject in a motivating and fun way.

For integrated, manipulative, and hands -on learning. Plants 9788468070155 Landscapes and rivers 9788468070179 The Middle Ages 9788468070278 My body 9788468070131 Vertebrates 9788468070193 Living things 9788468070209 Level I: Level II: Level III:

Spiral-bound notebooks, making it easier to carry out manipulative and traditional activities. At the beginning, the subject to be worked on and the table of contents are presented. The contents are introduced by questions. Final pages of the notebook there are cut-outs. At the end of each topic, different sections are provided to test what has been learnt, review, consolidate, play, and work on an SDG in the I can section, which will help students to understand that everything they have learnt can be applied to a real life context. Cut-outs STEAM activity Audio Digital resource Sustainable Development Goals The icons indicate the actions or resources associated with the notebook activity. STUDENt’s material

Furthermore, the Interactive Notebooks are supported by LibroMedia, with a variety of multimedia resources and audio recordings to enrich the class or to work on individually at home. MyScienceBox We recommend building a “My Science box”, where students can store the elements they build as they go along. This makes the learning experience much more motivating.

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