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• Multilingual and communication skills to unite the world for the global good Analysing solutions to the major challenges of our times, inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals. • Learning though research, experimentation, projects, challenges, games. • With individual tasks, pair work, and teamwork Beating fake news by learning the importance of checking information and using reliable sources. Active, dynamic learning Learning that nurtures analytical, critical and creative thinking Learning based on real life situations Workin the com goo Glo commun skills transc bord LIVING IN A WORLD FULL OF CHALLENGES wo mak 2 OUR PRINCIPLES, GOALS AND MOTIVATIONS INSPIRE OUR IDEAS: Real-world tasks:

21st century skills and competences: • Communication, thinking, and research. • Creativity and innovation. • Data processing and digital culture. • Cooperation and social skills. • Self-organisation and lifelong learning. • Language skills. Skills to be active, responsible, and committed citizens, and to continue learning throughout their lives. Our younger generations can build a better future for everyone. That’s whywe want to: • Build character, encourage thoughtfulness, and recognise emotions • Guide their journey through the world • Curious. • Well-informed. • Thoughtful and critical. • Good communicators. • Team players. • Committed. • Creative. • Open-minded. Educating people to think and act rationally ng for mmon od With accurate, current knowledge Skills and competences for today’s society and technology obal nication s that cend ders Understanding requires: • Knowledge of the subject. • Knowledge of the world and its real problems. orld kers 3 Young people who are:

BOOK LIBROMEDIA Easy timetabling Streamline correction Assess while teaching Emphasise key points and motivate your class Make newmethodologies part of your routine Improve home study Embrace student diversity and customise your classes 7 4 6 3 5 2 1 • Tasks set in real learning situations • Challenges, projects… • Videos • Audios • Multimedia resources • Self-correcting interactive activities with automatic feedback • Video • Audio • Multimedia resources • Interactive activities • Traceable activities • Create your own versions to share with students • Teamwork • Microprojects • Experiments • Research • Debates • Activities for all stages and abilities Flexible materials you can adapt to your needs 4 Work in English naturally 8 • Self-correcting interactive activitieswith automatic feedback • Video and audio for working on language skills • Adapted, progressive English Make your classes motivating, real, up-to-date learning experiences.

EVALUATION APP PDA TEACHERS’ LIBRARY • Interactive assessment tests • Gamification • Gamification • Interactive assessment tests that take just a few minutes in the classroom. Automatic feedback to check student comprehension and react immediately • Content assessment tests • Skill assessment tests • Revision and support cards • Suggestions for further work • Create and share your own tests • More resources • Answer key • In editableWord format 5 • Self-correcting interactive tests • Mother-tongue support materials for working on class diversity

2 METHODOLOGY REAL CHALLENGES, REAL LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES • Fascinating science projects that set challenges to teach basic knowledge and develop valuable skills. • A launch pad for creativity and teamwork, with an end-product everyone will be proud to share. CONTENT CONNECTED TO REALITY • Relevant and coherent with students’ lives, using real life, recognisable examples. • A showcase of the real world and its challenges. • Basic knowledge as the foundation for future learningfoundations. Biology and Geology 6 1

Gender equality A glance at a look at gender equality through women’s contribution to science. True or false Spotlight on misinformation, myths, urban legends and fake news. SCIENCE INTHE 21ST CENTURY • Highlighting the importance of science to society. PRACTICAL SCIENCE DELIVERED THROUGH: • Basic knowledge through research to address exciting challenges. • Organisation, exploring the unit using a variety of study techniques. • Comprehension, joining the dots to connect the knowledge in the unit with other units, other subjects and areas of life. • Analysing current news stories. • Learning about professional roles. ANDMUCHMORE: For a better world Each unit sets a challenge related to one of the Sustainable Development Goals. CLIL Materials that progressively increase students’ level of English, working on the twofold CLIL objective. 7 3 4

For students • Video • Multimedia resources • Audio • Interactive activities • STUDENT book: - Scientific advances of the 21st century for the first and third years of Secondary - Study notes 8 Student material 3 NEW NEW

• Teaching suggestions • Learning support • Test and self-assessment test • Back-up and support • Answer keys • Classroom timetabling T E ACH I NG R ESOURCES In Word format in e-vocación PDA 9 …and for teachers Teachers´ library Teaching resources available on ANSWE R K E YS • Answer key for student book • Answer key for assessments SECONDARY 4 SECONDARY 3 SECONDARY 1 SHEET 1 REINFORCEMENT Essential knowledge HEALTH AND THE IMMUNE SYSTEM CONCEPT MAP 1 Copy and complete the concept map. ACTIVITIES 2 Describe the types of non-infectious diseases and cite an example of each. 3 Write the route of the epidemiological chain. a. Which microorganisms are usually pathogens? b. What two types of transmission can there be? Give examples. 4 What are the types of primary barriers that our immune system has? 5 What is the difference between humoral and cellular responses? 6 List the types of medicines you know about. … … … … … Health Biological factors Environment Diseases Non-infectious Treatment … … … Acute Prevention Natural evolution … Healthy habits … The epidemiological chain Donor … … Primary barriers … Acquired … Cellular response 40 BIOLOGY AND GEOLOGY 3 SECONDARY Content courtesy of . Physical redistribution and/or communication on the internet or on social networks is prohibited. SHEET 2 REINFORCEMENT Review HEALTH AND THE IMMUNE SYSTEM 1 Disease is an alteration of the organism that results in loss of health. Cite two diseases and indicate the type of alterations they produce in the organism. 2 Copy this table in your notebook and indicate which organ or system of the body is affected by the following diseases: Diseases Organ or system affected Conjunctivitis Arthritis Asthma Gastroenteritis Infarction Diabetes 3 What does it mean for bronchitis to be chronic or acute? 4 Look at the photo and indicate whether this is the correct way to cough.Why? Cite other similar measures. 5 What are vaccines for? Name three vaccinations you have received. 6 Look at the photo and indicate the preventive measures used when handling specimens for analysis. 7 Copy this table in your notebook and classify the following diseases as infectious or non-infectious: Diabetes,AIDS, myocardial infarction, tooth decay, gastroenteritis and lung cancer. Infectious diseases Non-infectious diseases 8 Of the following measures, indicate which are aimed at preventing infectious diseases and which ones are part of the treatment to cure the disease: Getting vaccinated, washing your hands thoroughly, taking paracetamol, taking antibiotics, using condoms and using fluoride toothpaste. 9 Avoiding risk factors is a way to prevent non-infectious diseases. Cite some risk factors that increase the likelihood of developing myocardial infarction. 10 List some healthy lifestyle habits to improve our health. 41 BIOLOGY AND GEOLOGY 3 SECONDARY Content courtesy of . Physical redistribution and/or communication on the internet or on social networks is prohibited.

• Digital book for students • Digital book for teachers • Teachers’ library Our new app checks how students are progressing and is fun to use in class. • Interactive tests • Automatic feedback • Varied tests • Gamification dynamics • Tests can be done in class or set as homework If you want to see a sample of this material go to 1 0 Digital material Multimedia resources

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Rack your brains. Try to remember what you learned in the past from other units, in other years, from your own experience… Do research, think and answer the questions before you complete the challenge and work on your skills. Find answers in your book. Search for reliable information online, in books, and ask others… Organise and use your findings to answer the questions. Think of a challenging aspect ofdaily life and imagine you are one of the people living with it. Take it as a challenge and learn from it. Help to overcome the challenge by achieving one or more objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs and their objetives Develop your skills 1 2 Secondary - learning plan A learning situation. A challenge 1 2 3

Get the facts from clear texts and attractive visual imagery: photos, drawings, infographics… Experiment and do simple, practical exercises. Put it together by applying what you’ve learned. Think critically. Is this reliable information? The ‘True or False?’ section has ideas for how to get reliable information and spot fake news and myths. Don’t stop now! Complete the challenge and tell people what you’ve done, sharing the results with your friends and family. You’ll be making the world better for everyone while you learn Biology and Geology! Make connections between Biology, Geology and other subjects to understand our world’s diversity. Critical thinking. Analyse a news story and answer the questions to get you thinking and understand your thought processes. To see a teaching unit, go to EduPack. Basic knowledge Organize your ideas Share the challenge 1 3 4 5 6

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