Geography and History World Makers

Build your knowledge: the basic concepts Consolidatewhat you have learned: test yourself 1 2 Secondary - learning plan Starting point: the learning situation 1 2 3 Think about an aspect of everyday life, linked to the Sustainable Development Goals. Commit to the SDGs and support sustainable development. Accept the challenge set by the learning situation. Learn from easy-to-read texts and the full power of visual language: drawings, maps, timelines, etc. Use the keys to review and make sure you have understood the contents. Think, make connections, and express yourself using a critical approach. Explore cases, characters, and other interesting areas that will broaden your knowledge of the world. Organise information and apply basic knowledge to different contexts and situations in the activities you will find in Putting Myself to the Test. Thinking routines: that will enhance your thought process. Organize your ideas will help to appreciate what you have learned and how you have built your knowledge.