Geography and History World Makers

2 THATTEACHES (STUDENTS) HOWTO THINK Geography and History 6 1 A PROJECT CONNECTED TO THE REALWORLD • It contributes to the resolution of presentday problems: the units begin by putting forward a social challenge. Are we managing water resources sustainably? • It links each unit’s initial challenges to the Sustainable Development Goals and includes numerous Environmental Awareness activities. • The Case Study section provides examples of real-life situations in which to apply learnings. Your ecological footprint; The great migration, a present-day phenomenon? • It suggests activities that make students’ thought processes more visible. In Take Action, students learn to organise their ideas and apply their knowledge to real-life contexts. • The Critical Thinking section develops students’ analytical skills, teaching them to cross-check information before making a judgement. • The supplementary StudyNotes provides tools for learning how to study. • It introduces students to the scientific method by introducing them to simple research in the Explore section.