Geography and History World Makers

ANDMUCHMORE: 7 3 4 THAT IS CLOSE TO THE STUDENTS’ AREAS OF INTEREST • The Geography or History in my Life section highlights the importance of these subjects as part of everyday life. • It provides Discussion Activities on presentday topics, with the aim of generating individual and social awareness. Applies newways of learning (collaborative work, thinking skills and routines, PBL). Uses technology as a learning tool (3D objects that facilitate learning and digital mapping for territorial analysis). Emphasises the role of women in human history. Develops spatial skills through the analysis and interpretation of maps. CLIL materials that progressively increase students’ level of English, working on the twofold CLIL objective. AN INNOVATIVE, MOTIVATING PROJECT THAT IS COMMITTED TO THE FUTURE. ALIGNED TO THE NEW EDUCATION LAW. ACTIVE METHODOLOGIES • A micro-project at the end of each unit invites students to find ways to solve the initial challenge. • Digital Tasks to use technology as a tool to improve our decisions. • The section Work with the image helps students to make sense of visual messages. • The Social and Environmental Awareness activities develop values in students that will help them become responsible citizens.