User's guide AV4

◾ AULA VIRTUAL ◾ USER’S GUIDE ◾ SANTILLANA ◾ 2 Aula Virtual 4 Santillana is proud to present Aula Virtual 4, an educational platform that provides teachers and students with everything they need to create a digital teaching and learning environment. •  Aula Virtual 4 is designed to be accessed from various devices, computers and tablets, with or without an internet connection, and it is possible to work on its content in a synchronised way in the classroom or from home. •  You’ll be able to communicate with your students and organise work quickly and easily. •  You’ll have access to all the materials for teachers and students that accompany our projects all on the same platform: teaching guides, answer keys, assessment suggestions, etc. •  You’ll be able to monitor the progress of your students while they work with Santillana books. •  Aula Virtual 4 adapts to you and your students. There’s a version for teachers, with access to exclusive content and work areas, and a specific one for students.