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◾ AULA VIRTUAL ◾ USER’S GUIDE ◾ SANTILLANA ◾ 5 My books This section will show the books that have been assigned to your account. You’ll be able to view the books, read the content and personalise it, and you’ll have access to tools enabling you to make notes, underline and add bookmarks, among others. Applications In the Applications section you’ll be able to discover digital solutions to help you and complement your day-to-day life in the classroom. One of these is Bingel, a platform for doing exercises where you can challenge your students in a gamified and adaptive setting. How can I add more books? By clicking the “New licence” button you’ll be able to enter the new credentials provided by your sales rep to add other books to your Aula Virtual 4 library. Using the button you’ll be able to access the book or create a personalised version. How do I view my books?