User's guide AV4

◾ AULA VIRTUAL ◾ USER’S GUIDE ◾ SANTILLANA ◾ 8 How do I correct tasks? How do I create tasks? Accessing each of the created tasks, you’ll be able to see the number of students who have done them and correct their answers. The tasks in Aula Virtual 4 are organised in themes assigned to a period of the school year. Once a theme has been created, you’ll be able to create tasks associated with it. New theme New task How do I edit the tasks that have been created? Use the tabs to include the properties of the task and its recipients (e. g.: Climates of the world). You can edit the details of the task using the button . Click on “New theme” to create the first group of tasks (e. g. The climate). Correct task Details of the task Publish scores Mark your students’ answers; you’ll be able to leave comments and return the task if necessary. Once the tasks have been corrected you can publish the scores so your students can see them in their accounts.