Physics and Chemistry World Makers

Get the facts from clear texts and attractive visual imagery: photos, drawings, infographics… Experiment and do simple, practical exercises. Put it together by applying what you’ve learned. Think critically. Is this reliable information? The ‘True or False?’ section has ideas for how to get reliable information and spot fake news and myths. Don’t stop. Complete the challenge and tell people around you what you have achieved, sharing the results. In this way, you will be contributing to building a better world for everyone. The book includes a formulation appendix that will help you understand chemical nomenclature. Basic knowledge Final activities Spread the word 1 3 4 5 6 Make connections between physics and chemistry and other fields of learning. They will help you understand the diversity of the world you live in. Organise your ideas and apply basic concepts to different contexts and situations in the activities you will find within Organising and TestingWhat I Have Learnt. Critical thinking. Analyse a news story and answer the questions that will encourage reflection andmakeyour thinkingprocessvisible.