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• Multilingual and communication skills to unite the world for the global good Analysing solutions to the major challenges of our times, inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals. • Learning though research, experimentation, projects, challenges, games. • With individual tasks, pair work, and teamwork. Beating fake news by learning the importance of checking information and using reliable sources. Active, dynamic learning Learning that nurtures analytical, critical and creative thinking Learning based on real life situations Workin the com goo Glo commun skills transc bord LIVING IN A WORLD FULL OF CHALLENGES wo mak 2 OUR PRINCIPLES, GOALS AND MOTIVATIONS INSPIRE OUR IDEAS: Real-world tasks:

21st century skills and competences: • Communication, thinking, and research. • Creativity and innovation. • Data processing and digital culture. • Cooperation and social skills. • Self-organisation and lifelong learning. • Language skills. Skills to be active, responsible, and committed citizens, and to continue learning throughout their lives. Our younger generations can build a better future for everyone. That’s whywe want to: • Build character, encourage thoughtfulness, and recognise emotions • Guide their journey through the world • Curious. • Well-informed. • Thoughtful and critical. • Good communicators. • Team players. • Committed. • Creative. • Open-minded. Educating people to think and act rationally ng for mmon od With accurate, current knowledge Skills and competences for today’s society and technology obal nication s that cend ders Understanding requires: • Knowledge of the subject. • Knowledge of the world and its real problems. orld kers 3 Young people who are:

BOOK LIBROMEDIA Easy timetabling Streamline correction Assess while teaching Emphasise key points and motivate your class Make newmethodologies part of your routine Improve home study Embrace student diversity and customise your classes 7 4 6 3 5 2 1 • Tasks set in real learning situations • Challenges, projects… • Videos • Audios • Multimedia resources • Self-correcting interactive activities with automatic feedback • Video • Audio • Multimedia resources • Interactive activities • Traceable activities • Create your own versions to share with students • Teamwork • Microprojects • Experiments • Research • Debates • Activities for all stages and abilities Flexible materials you can adapt to your needs 4 Work in English naturally 8 • Self-correcting interactive activitieswith automatic feedback • Video and audio for working on language skills • Adapted, progressive English Make your classes motivating, real, up-to-date learning experiences.

EVALUATION APP PDA TEACHERS’ LIBRARY • Interactive assessment tests • Gamification • Gamification • Interactive assessment tests that take just a few minutes in the classroom. Automatic feedback to check student comprehension and react immediately • Content assessment tests • Skill assessment tests • Revision and support cards • Suggestions for further work • Create and share your own tests • More resources • Answer key • In editableWord format 5 • Self-correcting interactive tests • Mother-tongue support materials for working on class diversity

METHODOLOGY BASED ON CHALLENGES THATDEFINE A LEARNING SITUATION • Each teaching unit is conceived as a scientific project in which a challenge is set. This guides the acquisition of basic concepts and the development of necessary competences is set. • Students need to learn basic concepts in order to solve the challenge and to achieve the specific competences. • It encourages student creativity and cooperativework, with a final product that can be shared. • Everything is designed in such a way that the material can also be used with a more traditional methodology. CONTENTCONNECTEDTOREALLIFE • The aim is for students to understand what the real world is like and what challenges it poses. • Greater connection with the students’ reality. With relevant and real-life examples. • At the beginning of each unit, required knowledge is reviewed (physics, chemistry, mathematics, etc.). • Focus is given to basic concepts for students’ learning. • Well-organised contentwith plenty of illustrations, diagrams, photographs, infographics... Physics and Chemistry 6 2 1

True or false A glance at a look at gender equality through women’s contribution to science. Gender equality Works on gender equality, taking into account the basic principles of coeducation. Showcases and values thewomen’s contribution in the field of technology. ANDMUCHMORE: Improving theworld Sets one challenge per unit related to one of the Sustainable Development Goals. CLIL Materials that progressively increase students’ level of English, working on the twofold CLIL objective. 7 PRACTICAL SCIENCE APPROACHED THROUGH: • Worked examples: numerous throughout the unit and in the revision activities. • Research activities: relate curricular content to the challenge. Designed to enable students acquire the knowledge necessary to solve the challenge. • Organisational activities: review the basic contents of the unit using different study techniques. • Comprehension activities: apply what has been learnt: Linking different content: from within the same unit, from other units, from other areas, and from other walks of life. Analysing current news and presenting job profiles. 3 AN INNOVATIVE, MOTIVATING PROJECT THAT IS COMMITTED TO THE FUTURE. ALIGNED TO THE NEW EDUCATION LAW.

For students • Video • Multimedia resources • Audio • Interactive activities • STUDENT book: - Scientific advances of the 21st century - Study notes 8 Student material 4 3 NEW NEW 2 Study notes Physics and Chemistry SECONDARY 4 Study notes Physics and Chemistry The best of both world s we take our environmental re sponsibility seriously. For that reason, we use: Certified printing companies with good environmental and ene rgy management recyclable plastic and Chemistry SECONDARY 2 Physics and Chemistry SECONDARY 4 and Chemistry INNOVATIONS IN SCIENCE IN THE 21st CENTURY Physics and Chemistry SECONDARY 2 The best of both worlds Physics and Chemistry we take our environmental responsibility seriously. For that reason, we use: Certified printing companies with good environmental and energy management recyclable plastic INNOVATIONS IN SCIENCE IN THE 21st CENTURY

• Teaching suggestions • Learning support • Test and self-assessment test • Back-up and support • Answer keys • Classroom timetabling T E ACH I NG R ESOURCES In Word format in e-vocación PDA 9 …and for teachers Teachers´ library Teaching resources available on ANSWE R K E YS • Answer key for student book • Answer key for assessments Physics and Chemistry SECONDARY 4 TEACHER’S BOOK • Reinforcement • Enrichment • Assessment Physics and Chemistry SECONDARY 3 TEACHER’S BOOK • Reinforcement • Enrichment • Assessment ES0000000137419 18340 2_TB_Physics_Chemistry _3_126958 ES0000000137419 183402_T B_Physics_Chemistry_3_126 958.indd 1 03/06/2022 8:15:29 Physics and Chemistry SECONDARY 2 TEACHER’S BOOK • Reinforcement • Enrichment • Assessment

• Digital book for students • Digital book for teachers • Teachers’ library If you want to see a sample of this material go to 1 0 Digital material Multimedia resources Our new app checks how students are progressing and is fun to use in class. • Interactive tests • Automatic feedback • Varied tests • Gamification dynamics • Tests can be done in class or set as homework

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Rack your brain to remember what you know. Remember what you’ve learnt from other courses, other units, or your own experiences. Use the initial review, revise what you already know, and relate this knowledge to what you are going to learn. Observe and learn. Analyse worked examples, then apply what you have learned and solve problems. Research, think, and answer the questions that will help you to complete the challenge and acquire the specific competences. Think and express yourself using a critical approach, based on the different activities offered. Reflect on an aspect of everyday life, putting yourself in the shoes of the people involved. Accept the challenge set by the learning situation. Contribute to the achievement of one or more Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by completing the challenge. An SDGs and their objetives The specific competences 1 2 Secondary - learning plan A learning situation. A challenge 1 2 3

Get the facts from clear texts and attractive visual imagery: photos, drawings, infographics… Experiment and do simple, practical exercises. Put it together by applying what you’ve learned. Think critically. Is this reliable information? The ‘True or False?’ section has ideas for how to get reliable information and spot fake news and myths. Don’t stop. Complete the challenge and tell people around you what you have achieved, sharing the results. In this way, you will be contributing to building a better world for everyone. The book includes a formulation appendix that will help you understand chemical nomenclature. Basic knowledge Final activities Spread the word 1 3 4 5 6 Make connections between physics and chemistry and other fields of learning. They will help you understand the diversity of the world you live in. Organise your ideas and apply basic concepts to different contexts and situations in the activities you will find within Organising and TestingWhat I Have Learnt. Critical thinking. Analyse a news story and answer the questions that will encourage reflection andmakeyour thinkingprocessvisible.

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