Physics and Chemistry World Makers

METHODOLOGY BASED ON CHALLENGES THATDEFINE A LEARNING SITUATION • Each teaching unit is conceived as a scientific project in which a challenge is set. This guides the acquisition of basic concepts and the development of necessary competences is set. • Students need to learn basic concepts in order to solve the challenge and to achieve the specific competences. • It encourages student creativity and cooperativework, with a final product that can be shared. • Everything is designed in such a way that the material can also be used with a more traditional methodology. CONTENTCONNECTEDTOREALLIFE • The aim is for students to understand what the real world is like and what challenges it poses. • Greater connection with the students’ reality. With relevant and real-life examples. • At the beginning of each unit, required knowledge is reviewed (physics, chemistry, mathematics, etc.). • Focus is given to basic concepts for students’ learning. • Well-organised contentwith plenty of illustrations, diagrams, photographs, infographics... Physics and Chemistry 6 2 1