Physics and Chemistry World Makers

True or false A glance at a look at gender equality through women’s contribution to science. Gender equality Works on gender equality, taking into account the basic principles of coeducation. Showcases and values thewomen’s contribution in the field of technology. ANDMUCHMORE: Improving theworld Sets one challenge per unit related to one of the Sustainable Development Goals. CLIL Materials that progressively increase students’ level of English, working on the twofold CLIL objective. 7 PRACTICAL SCIENCE APPROACHED THROUGH: • Worked examples: numerous throughout the unit and in the revision activities. • Research activities: relate curricular content to the challenge. Designed to enable students acquire the knowledge necessary to solve the challenge. • Organisational activities: review the basic contents of the unit using different study techniques. • Comprehension activities: apply what has been learnt: Linking different content: from within the same unit, from other units, from other areas, and from other walks of life. Analysing current news and presenting job profiles. 3 AN INNOVATIVE, MOTIVATING PROJECT THAT IS COMMITTED TO THE FUTURE. ALIGNED TO THE NEW EDUCATION LAW.