User's guide AV4

◾ AULA VIRTUAL ◾ USER’S GUIDE ◾ SANTILLANA ◾ 10 Attendance This function will enable you to record your students’ attendance (absence or late). If you have more than one class group, you’ll be able to choose which of them you want to control. Resources This section enables you to organise files* in folders and share them with your classes. If you wish, you can export the attendance record of the week you’re viewing, in pdf format. Use the drop-down lists to choose the class and the registration period. You’ll see the list of students, where you’ll be able to include the notification. How can I export the attendance record? How can I add absences/late attendances? You can upload various types of file* to complement your classes and organise them in folders that will only be visible to you. If you want to share them with your students, you’ll need to include them in the shared class folder. How can I include resources and organise them? For every class you have, a shared folder is created automatically. All files you include in this will be visible to all its members. How can I share resources? *You’ll be able to include image files (.jpg / .png), video (.avi / .mp4 / .mpg) and documents (.pdf), as well as Microsoft Office files (.docx, .xlsx and .pptx) with a size limit of 500 MB per file