User's guide AV4

◾ AULA VIRTUAL ◾ USER’S GUIDE ◾ SANTILLANA ◾ 11 Scores In this area you’ll be able to check your students’ scores. In the event that you have more than one class, you’ll need to select which class you want to check. Interactive tutorial Aula Virtual 4 has an interactive tutorial to guide you through the various sections, providing a series of instructions that will help you and familiarise you with the platform . You can export the report card for the school year for each class. When you publish the scores, they’ll be automatically visible to your students. Export and publish scores The tutorial starts automatically the first time you access Aula Virtual 4. You can also activate it at any time by using the button for guiding you in the section you’re viewing. You’ll be able to skip the tutorial or run through the specific steps of each section. Activate the interactive tutorial